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About us
Your global research partner

The Europe Japan Centre is a specialist research institute dedicated to the needs of Japanese organisations. Each year, EJC undertakes over 80 research projects for Japanese companies, think tanks, research institutes, trade associations, and government organisations, as well as providing various other services.

Founded by Osaka Gas in London in 1989, EJC is now owned by its Directors, John Jones and Ian Lyle.

Over the past 20 years, EJC has provided its Japanese customers with high quality research and analysis and has grown into an information powerhouse with a global reach, from Western and Eastern Europe to Russia, and from the USA to the BRIC countries and Asia.

By bringing together our multinational team of research analysts with a global network of associates, we provide accurate, up-to-date, and cost-effective insight, understanding and analysis.

We work with a wide range of languages, from English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Scandinavian languages, Eastern European languages and Russian to Asian languages.

The Europe Japancentre is perfect for Japanese clients

From our offices in central London, the Europe Japan Centre has been providing an extensive portfolio of research and other services to Japanese clients for the last 20 years. Our key strength is that we understand the needs of Japanese clients. Around half of EJC's staff are either Japanese or have lived in Japan and can communicate fluently in Japanese. We use our experience and knowledge to provide our Japanese clients with cost-effective, high quality results combined with smooth communication. This means our deliverables are tailored exactly to our clients' requirements and no time is lost due to language or cultural barriers. Proof of our success is that much of our business from Japanese clients is repeat business or via recommendation.

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