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Environment and Energy
Environment and Energy


Here is a selection of our past projects:


  • The importance of biodiversity in the work of Export Credit Agencies
  • Biodiversity offset in Europe


  • Biofuel taxation in Europe
  • Biofuels and sustainability in Europe – interviews with European companies
  • Fuel quality regulation in Europe and Brazil

climate change/environmental strategies

  • Climate change strategy in the major European companies
  • Eco labelling and green procurement policy in Europe and the USA
  • Environmental activities by postal companies in Asia


  • EIA regulations in Europe and the USA
  • The treatment of biodiversity issues within Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) and Strategic Environmental Assessments (SEA) in Europe and the USA

Energy taxes/Carbon taxes

  • Energy and carbon taxes in Europe – principles and exemptions
  • The relationship between the ETS and energy taxation in Europe
  • Voluntary agreements on GHG emissions and energy efficiency in Europe



  • Greenhouse gas emissions calculation and reporting in Europe– interviews with European companies
  • Mandatory and voluntary emissions reduction schemes in Australia and New Zealand
  • The impact of the EU ETS on energy and energy-intensive companies in Europe


  • Packaging recycling regulations in Europe
  • Regulations on packaging and plastic bags in Europe and the USA
  • The WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) Directive

renewable energy/low carbon energy

  • Carbon Capture Storage (CCS) investment and developments in Europe
  • Cogeneration and supporting policies in Europe
  • Feed-in tariffs and other measures to support renewable energy in Europe

smart grid/ev

  • Smart grid and standardisation in Europe and the USA
  • Smart grid initiatives in Europe and the USA

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